‘I tell you I didn’t have the foggiest idea about how to go about buying a new garage door opener! If it wasn’t for the team over at Maple Valley Garage Door Repair coming over to my rescue I don’t know what I would have done. Probably gone off to buy the wrong thing that’s what! Thank you Maple Valley Garage Door Repair.’ – Gillian K

‘It was about time that old garage door got replaced! It had been there ever since we moved in – ten years ago! I was glad to see it go. Looking at this new garage door I don’t know how we survived with such a worn out and battered old door. Thank you for doing such a great job with the installation Maple Valley Garage Door Repair!’- Kathrin Jackson

‘Those installers did a thorough job with the opener, the door is working perfectly.’ – Shayne Bolt

‘I wish I could take you all to my house and show you before and after pictures of my garage door. Maple Valley Garage Door Repair did a wonder I tell you!’ – Phillip Peterson

‘It is now an inside joke in the family. The garage door springs sprung out when they heard that we were selling the house! Well, it turns out, it happened for the best, because once we decided to change the springs we inevitably ended up changing the entire garage door and well, you can imagine what many potential house buyers remarked about when they first arrived at the house, ‘What a lovely garage door.’ Well, a large part of that goes to Maple Valley Garage Door who helped us pick the door that complemented our house and did all the installations.’- La Hays Family

‘Simply superb, thanks Maple Valley Garage Door Repair.’ – Chuck J

‘Did you know that you could die if a garage door fell on you? I had never given it much thought until that day the servicemen from Maple Valley Garage Door Repair explained the importance of regular garage door springs maintenance. Knowledge is powerful, thank you Maple Valley Garage Door Repair.’ – Susanna Hall

‘Winter is coming and the thought of having to get out of the car to manually open the door again this year was the one reason that really had me get an automated garage door opener installed. I was sick and tired of the manual one. Thanks for the superb job Maple Valley Garage Door Repair I couldn’t have asked for more. I no longer dread the coming winter!’ – Patricia King